I painted this self portrait from a photo taken 70 years ago. It gave me the idea to produce a series of portraits of people from all walks of life, painted from photos of themselves as children.

Between 2010 and 2016 I completed over 100 portraits - heads of state, politicians, film directors, actors, singers, musicians, athletes, philanthropists, doctors, scientists, activists and an astronaut. Each photograph came to me by word of mouth; from people who participated in the project and then recruited others to do the same. None came via agents, managers nor via the internet. Click on any of the images to reveal the full painting.

All donations generated by these paintings went to Save the Children who are delighted to be the beneficiary.

There is a book of these paintings titled: Yesterday’s Children - with anecdotes and stories about the childhood lives of many participants. It can be bought, at cost, by going to the following link.

Apart from raising much needed funds for Save the Children, the goal is to show children today that however important ‘grown ups’ are, we were all kids once - making any dream possible.

David Ashwell.